• 300%

    increase in conversions by targeting and testing landing pages

  • 30%

    uplift in conversions when you use CRO software on landing pages

  • 55%

    increase in leads when you have 10 to 15 landing pages

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What are custom landing pages for PPC & how do they work?

Ready to squeeze every last drop out of the ad spend from your PPC campaigns? With custom landing pages, you can create highly-targeted advertising campaigns that will capture the right audience and convert them into paying customers. Copy meets design with our custom landing pages as we consider User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI) design, conversion rate optimization and PPC keyword relevance.

Our relentless focus on improving your landing page Conversion Rate (CR) means that we test, learn and iterate, tweaking content, call-to-actions, colours, fonts, image/video placement, icons — the list is endless. We continually test to get you the most out of your PPC campaigns. We also ensure we consider best practices when designing your custom landing page, including page load speed, ensuring it’s a mobile-first design, personalization and more in order to put you ahead of your competitors, and achieve your business goals.


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Why are custom landing pages important for your business?

  • Businesses using optimization software for their landing pages see an average 30% conversion uplift
  • Companies with 10 to 15 landing pages increase leads by 55%
  • Targeting and testing landing pages can boost conversions by over 300%
  • Only half of most landing pages are optimized for mobile devices
  • A 1-second delay in a landing page loading reduces conversions by 7%
  • Personalized CTAs convert 202% better than a normal CTA
  • 86% of the top landing pages are mobile-friendly
  • Trust badges can boost landing page conversion rates by 20-40%

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