• 50%

    of people who visit a website from paid ads are more likely to buy

  • 65%

    of buyer-intent keywords result in clicks on paid ads

  • 11.38%

    average CTR on Google for paid ads

Will pay-per-click (PPC) get you results?

In some industries and markets, the cost needed to even appear in search results isn't worth the clicks. If you've not worked with PPC outside of your own business it can be near impossible to know how to get results while staying within your budget.

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Our PPC Services

We have perfected the science of pay-per-click advertising to put your ads in front of the right buyers at the right time. Our PPC services focus on ROI, not just clicks, to help you squeeze every last drop out of your campaigns.

Google Ads

Use search intent to your advantage.
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Conversion Rate Optimization

Guide your website visitors to perform the desired action.
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Bing Ads

Convert ad clicks into customers.
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Custom Landing Pages

Help your PPC campaigns perform and convert your website visitors faster.
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Stay top-of-mind and convert strangers into customers.
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Google Shopping

Ensure your products are seen at the right time.
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Pay-Per-Click, or PPC advertising, is the practice of online advertising in which brands pay a fee every time a person clicks on their ads. Essentially, it’s a means of paying for targeted traffic to your website, rather than waiting for users to find your site organically.

Using search engine platforms, like Google Adwords and Bing Ads, advertisers create ads for Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), social media, websites and within apps. The most popular method of PPC is paid search ads in which advertisers bid for ad placement when online users search for certain search terms (e.g. ‘PPC services’). Search engines use your bid, combined with other criteria, such as the ad relevance, to determine which ads are shown, in which order.

Billions of people use search engines, like Google and Bing, every day to conduct searches online. Whether looking for a pair of sneakers or answers to a question, we all rely on these search engines to find the answer we seek in seconds. We click the search box and we find up to four ads all offering to answer our question, or provide a relevant service or product.

This is not something that occurs at random, this is a result of PPC also known as the automated search engine bidding system (or Ad Auction), which determines ad visibility.

As paid ads appear at the very top of search engines results pages, PPC helps your business to boost brand awareness by almost 80%, and fast. It allows you to get ahead of your competitors, as you can put your brand in front of the right prospects and make your business appear more credible - as it’s been proven that 75% of users click on paid ads because they perceive these brands as authoritative. On Google, paid ads also have a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 11.38%, which is a lot of people when you consider the billions of people conducting searches on Google every single day.

Not only are PPC ads highly visible (sitting at the top of the SERPs), but on average 65% of people searching for products are ready to make a purchase, that’s because they’re searching with intent. Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in Google Ads, which just goes to show that they are an effective method of turning ad clicks into sales. So, by creating smart PPC campaigns and continually optimising them, you’ll be able to launch your business from zero web presence to first page dominance, boosting brand awareness along the way.